About Us

Transparent Brewing Company’s roots lie in 2014 when Lead Brewer/Owner Nolan Brown decided to forgo Medical School for pursuing his newly found love of craft beer. After beginning to brew in college at Missouri State Nolan realized that he loved the creativity and joy that it brought to his life. Over the next 6 years, Nolan pursued a career in the Craft Beer Industry working at breweries of all sizes, all the while developing his own recipes and style. 

Transparent Brewing Company was created in 2017 when the opportunity to open a location arose. Nolan quickly moved back home to the Kansas City area to pursue this opportunity. Over the next three years, the idea of Transparent Brewing Company slowly came in to focus as a reality. In 2020 the doors were finally open and the taps are still flowing.

Transparent Brewing Company is a microbrewery located in Grandview, MO. We are focused on being open and transparent with our customers and on creating the highest quality product that we can produce. With an emphasis on lower ABV beers, the majority of the taps you will taste will be under 7% ABV. We aim to have an open and honest environment with the goal of you learning something new every time that you come to visit us. We are lucky to have The Chive, Simply Good under the same roof as us providing your eats while you imbibe. Drop-in and enjoy a delicious pint, some tasty food, and conversation with one of our bartenders.